King Crimson Returns With New Lineup

King CrimsonProgressive rock fans rejoice! Guitarist Robert Fripp has announced that King Crimson is back with a new lineup.

Originally formed in 1968, the iconic band has gone through several incarnations, the last of which disbanded in 2009 after a cancelled tour.

The eighth incarnation of King Crimson will be anchored by bassist Tony Levin.

“King Crimson will be back in active duty,” Levin stated on his Facebook page, “starting about a year from now, Sept. 2014, with a new lineup (which includes me, I’m happy to say.)”

Fripp says King Crimson VIII is a “very different reformation” to previous lineups as it includes seven players – four English and three American – with three drummers. The rest of the personnel includes Gavin Harrison, Bill Rieflin, Pat Mastelotto, Mel Collins and Jakko Jakszyk.

The band has plans to start touring by September 2014 in either North or South America with some UK dates thrown in, though Fripp says the primary focus is the U.S.

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  1. Hmm, not sure how to feel abouth this. Mr. Belew is what got me into them. They are worth seeing just to hear Tony play, but I do love Adrien’s influence.

  2. This is a strange lineup :S I quickly had enough of July Slick’s playing and sound in Belew’s power trio, and was hoping he’d re-join Krimson with some new fresh energy and material. Nothing more sad than seing your old heroes fade away into repetitive machines doing the same “tricks” that they did in 1983, and playing the same songs..over and over again.

    I’m afraid, if Levin is gonna be the “lead singer”, that this new line-up is gonna bomb…Perhaps they’re gonna go for mainly instrumentals? (I’m not trying to belittle these guys, but don’t underestimate a strong front man!)

    BUT 3 drummers does sound interesting, and a sax player?!! Now all we need is for Fripp to start standing up and grooving along, instead of sitting in a corner like a stiff catholic priest. Oh btw. I thought he retired? Lol, so much for giving up on the music biz ;)