EBS Introduces FuzzMo Pedal

EBS FuzzMo PedalEBS has introduced the FuzzMo, a fuzz pedal for bass that fills the gap between their distortion pedals and vintage fuzz effects. In addition to Gain and Volume controls, the Fuzzmo has a Blend knob for mixing your clean tone with your dirty signal. The pedal’s Shape control changes the shape of the gain engine from triangle to square wave through the passive tone stack.

Further tonal tweaking can be done with the Character filter, which is a general Mid-scoop. It has three settings: flat, subtle mid-scoop, and maximum mid-scoop. Other features include a true bypass footswitch and the option of powering via 9V DC battery or power supply.

The EBS FuzzMo will be shipping this month with a street price between $149 and $199. For more info, check out the EBS website.

EBS FuzzMo Pedal Details:

  • Analog effect
  • Controls for Gain, Shape, Volume and Blend
  • 60 dB Ultra High Gain Distortion
  • MID Scoop Character filter with 3 positions: Flat/Medium/Max
  • Ultra low power consumption
  • True Bypass

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