Darkglass Electronics Announces Duality Dual Fuzz Engine

Darkglass Electronics Duality Dual Fuzz EngineDarkglass Electronics has unveiled the Duality, a fuzz pedal that offers up two separate fuzz circuits that can be used individually or blended for a wide variety of textures. The first side is a saw-tooth shape shifting circuit for an old school vibe while the second circuit is a 4-stage CMOS high gain distortion for a more brutal tone.

The fuzz circuits are selected and mixed via the Duality knob. Turning it fully counter clockwise is the old school style while turning fully clockwise dishes out the modern high gain fuzz. Setting the control anywhere between the two offers a mix of each. The pedal also has a Blend knob for mixing in your clean signal with the affect signal. Finally, the Filter knob uses a variable low pass filter to cut or bring out the high harmonic content, which the company explains allows for fine tuning the presence and edge in your tone.

The Darkglass Electronics Duality Dual Fuzz Engine is expected to start shipping in early December with a street price of $249. For more info, check out the Darkglass website.

Darkglass Electronics Duality Dual Fuzz Engine Details:

  • Two Fuzz Circuits
  • Duality Control Blends Between Fuzzes
  • Blend Control Blends in Clean Signal
  • Filter Control Acts as LPF
  • Power: 9VDC Power Supply

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