Fodera Unveils Anthony Jackson Presentation II Bass

Fodera Anthony Jackson Presentation II BassLast year, Fodera teased the public with pictures of an interesting prototype hybrid bass they were developing. The company has now unveiled the result: the Fodera Anthony Jackson Presentation II Bass.

Building on the AJ Presentation body shape, the next generation of the bassist’s signature series has a completely hollow acoustic body that’s built with construction techniques used for both solid body and acoustic instruments.

Other changes to the design include a new neck profile with increased thickness, a relocated truss rod, and an increased headstock break angle. The Anthony Jackson Presentation II is created with an alder body with a Holly top and back, a 3-piece red oak neck, and an ebony fingerboard. Its fingerboard holds 28 large frets and is blank with the exception of side dots at the 7th and 19th frets. The bass’s scale is 36 inches.

You may notice a lack of knobs, due to the fact that the bass has no electronics. Instead it’s fitted with a Fodera/Duncan dual coil pickup that’s wired directly to an XLR jack. The bridge, truss rod and tuners are all made of titanium.

The release of the Fodera Signature Series Anthony Jackson Presentation II Bass marks the company’s 30th anniversary as well as the 25th anniversary of the first Anthony Jackson Presentation bass. It’s available for order now. A list price has not made available at this time.

Fodera Signature Series Anthony Jackson Presentation II Bass Photos:

Fodera Signature Series Anthony Jackson Presentation II Bass Specs:

  • Scale: 36″
  • Body: Alder Body, Carved Holly Top, Holly Back
  • Neck: 3-pc. Red Oak
  • Strings: Anthony Jackson Signature String Set
  • Electronics: No Electronics, Pickup wired directly to an XLR jack
  • Proprietary Hybrid Fodera neck construction
  • Position Markers: Blank Fingerboard, side dots at 7 and 19th fret
  • Hardware: Titanium Bridge, Truss Rod and Tuners (on AJ’s personal instrument only)
  • Fingerboard: Ebony
  • Frets: 28 Large Frets
  • Pickup: Fodera/ Duncan Dual Coil

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  1. A 6grand bass with no nobs! Sure it sounds great anyway, but that messes with my Yorkshire sense of value for money.

  2. I’ll bet they charge way more than 6 grand. Did Anthony get a job with Red Oak Arkansas?

  3. The original Presentation model starts at $20k

  4. silvio

    it costs about 30 000 $

  5. that’s a very good price……

  6. How much extra to put the XLR jack somewhere out of sight?

  7. Noneed Tuno

    Anthony Jackson doesn’t need tone or volume knobs… his hands ARE the tone and volume controls!

  8. Justin

    Jack in the back!