Bass of the Week: Chadwick Folding Bass

Chadwick Folding BassAsk any double bassist what the biggest pain is about their instrument of choice, and they’ll likely tell you it is the task of lugging it around.

Enter the Chadwick Folding Bass: a standard 3/4 bass that folds in on itself for travel. The bass has a removable panel on the back that allows the entire neck to fold into. Its fingerboard, tailpiece, and bridge are all removable and stored inside the body as well.

While the Chadwick is easily reduced for travel, it’s a full sized instrument with a 41.5-inch scale. The fingerboard is solid African ebony and the top is made with a spruce veneer, which the company says gives it the “pin striped look of a carved top.” The Chadwick Folding Bass comes standard as a laminate bass but is also available as a hybrid with a carved top. It ships with a fiberglass flight case that features crushed velvet lining, recessed wheels, metal latches, and two recessed handles.

Chadwick Folding Bass Photos:

Chadwick Folding Bass Demo:

Chadwick Folding Bass Details:

  • Scale: 41.5″
  • Size: 3/4
  • Fingerboard: African Ebony
  • Top: Spruce Veneer
  • Ships with Flight Case

For more info, check out the Chadwick Folding Bass website.

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  1. Don’t forget to mention that the creator, Charlie Chadwick is one fine bassist, playing out of Nashville.

  2. And Charlie provides the best customer service as well as just being a great guy.