David Ellefson’s Autobiography is Here: “My Life with Deth”

David Ellefson: My Life with Deth: Discovering Meaning in a Life of Rock & RollThis one seemed like a long time coming. We reported back in December, 2012 that David Ellefson was working on his autobiography.

Today, that book hits the shelves.

My Life with Deth: Discovering Meaning in a Life of Rock & Roll chronicles the bassist’s time with Megadeth, which began in 1983. The behind-the-scenes look details the ups and downs of the band, including their drug use and Ellefson’s unsuccessful attempts at rehab, as well as his recovery. Ellefson, who has been studying to become a Lutheran pastor, ultimately turned to faith as his method of solving his drug addiction.

In an interview with Blabbermouth last year, Ellefson shared this about the book:

“My autobiography is not the usual tale of rock ‘n’ roll woe, but rather something I hope will truly inspire people. I have dedicated my life to my craft, and I wanted to share the story of how a kid with a bass guitar and the dream of rock stardom literally risked it all to move from the farm in Minnesota to Los Angeles, and with a lot of hard work, sacrifice and a little luck along the way, made the dream come true. I think the readers will enjoy the stories, as well as the hardships, of this way of life as a musician and artist. I’ve been very open about my life’s obstacles and the means by which I overcame them. Now, my hope is that this story will inspire others to follow their dreams and really live out the purpose for their lives, too.”

Joel McIver co-authored the book with Ellefson, which also features a foreward by Alice Cooper.

Ellefson and Megadeth recently announced book signing dates and Megadeth’s “Super Collider” U.S. Tour.

My Life with Deth: Discovering Meaning in a Life of Rock & Roll is out now in hardcover and ebook editions.

As Ellefson does regularly, he gives fans an inside look through a video:

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