Dirty Loops: Hit Me

They’re back!

Dirty Loops, the Swedish power trio known for their incredible renditions of pop songs has released a video for “Hit Me,” their very first original track.

The song retains all of their energy and musical complexity, and bassist Henrik Linder’s playing is spectacular as ever.

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  1. Each of those guys is unbelievable…. but man, this music is really terrible, it’s only IMO of course, it just lacks of sensitivity to me…. this is exactly what I call doing music for the love of technique. Not frustrated at all, I love Victor Wooten for example, or even Steve Jenkins or Scott Fernandez, but this ! nope

  2. Wow. Its like a marriage of the worst elements of bad pop and cheesy smooth jazz. Technical proficiency definitely doesn’t automatically equal a satisfying musical experience (or a viable one), and nothing says that better than these guys.

  3. This is so over-the-top that it’s hilarious.

  4. don’t get me wrong….i’m a big fan of these dudes, all phenomenal players. That being sad, this is like some acided out mixture of smooth jazz, mixed with power pop, mixed with gospel…..and i don’t really know if i like it that much tbh. Love them as players but not so much the music

  5. This is like an open invitation to play NAMM… like… anytime they want… like forever….

    the auto tuned vocals wear on me a bit but wow… what a trio….

  6. It seems to me that the folks that hate these guys take themselves WAY too seriously. All the comments about auto-tuned vocals and “worst elements of…” just make you sound like you’re trying to be a seasoned musician who just doesn’t have time for this silliness.

  7. Regarding all the negative comments from my fellow bassists here: damn, fellas…I understand “to each his own”, but c’mon… these ARE seriously talented musicians doing VERY CREATIVE things with pop music. They can play, and they can sing, and what I mean is pulling it off live. This is not for the Bieber crowd, nor would they be able to comprehend this level of creativity.

  8. I really feel sorry for people who can only perceive something in relation to established categories and then criticize the thing for not fitting neatly into one of those categories. Can’t we just call it music and appreciate it for what it is and not for what it isn’t? In my humble opinion, this is melodic, rhythmic, and harmonic genius, and I don’t care what genre it falls into. I happen to be primarily a jazz guy, but this hits me right in the gut. These guys are clearly innovators.

  9. Amazing this guys are Creating Music and Being heard and talked about, so to all you Haters, have you done lately can you share some of your music and not your BLAH BLAH BLAH.

  10. Super groove, its just killer!

  11. This video is not available in your country….

  12. I’m sorry but I just don’t like it. I like very much all of their covers but this doesn’t appeal to me. When I first heard it I thought – “Man, instrumentally they’re good as always but this sing is poor to begin with”. Then I’ve learned that it’s their own and I started to make excuses like “it’s not so bad, got melody, harmony, rhytm – what more could I possible want?”. But no, I don’t like. Please don’t hate me.

  13. Really dont mean to be rude,but is the bass player male or female.great band tho.

  14. can I say WOW!!!!!!!!!!

  15. CP

    Joachim, I just listened to you at https://soundcloud.com/joachim-mahoudeaux. Are you kidding me, man??? Shame on you. You have no ground to stand on for criticism. And Josh, I’m guessing you have even less to back up what you write. If you guys don’t understand or appreciate the complexities of jazz music, and you don’t like pop–that’s fine. But don’t bash DL just because they’re operating over your heads.

    Once, there was this guy named Chick Corea, and he started this this little group in the 70s called Return to Forever. So this Chick guy, he eventually found these guys named Al DiMeola and Stanley Clarke, and they like, combined their ultra-wicked technical jazz writing and playing with rock music. Are you following me on this? Probably not.

    It’s refreshing to see some YOUNG, talented musicians on the modern pop scene who actually have some CHOPS. Reharmonization/chord subs are hip as shit! And it’s not just studio BS–these guys are doing it LIVE, too! I love that my 8 & 6 year-olds are begging me to listen to more of this, and I actually feel good about it, because it’s not just your typical, mindless fluff. With DL, they’re getting different modes, mixed & complex meter, atypical harmony… and imagine this–the guys who wrote it–ARE ACTUALLY PLAYING IT!

    Bottom line–If you are a player/writer and you’re bashing DL, you probably suck.