Hevos Announces 400S Compact Bass Amplifier

Hevos is continuing their series of compact bass amplification units with the release of the 400S bass amp, a 400-watt head that weighs 4.4 pounds. Based on a Class-D power amp, the 400S is designed for both electric and upright bass.

Hevos 400S Compact Bass Amplifier

The 400S has two input sections with separate gain controls to allow for plugging in two basses at once, or two pickups from an upright setup. Input 1 has a -6dB switch and a phase reverse switch. The preamp also has a mute switch for silent tuning and a 4-band EQ. The frequency bands are 80Hz, 250Hz, 800Hz, and 2500Hz, all of which can be boost or cut by 12dB.

The back of the unit has a pair of Speakon outputs, a headphone output, and an XLR line out with a pre/post switch. It also has a built-in start delay to protect from short circuit and clipping.

The Hevos 400S is shipping soon for approximately $1,138. For more info, check out the Hevos website.

Hevos 400S Compact Bass Amplifier Specs:

Hevos 400S Compact Bass Amplifier - front & back

  • Amp type: Transistor Class-D With UcD Technics, Switched Power Supply, High End
  • Power: 400 Watts/4 Ohms
  • Damping: >2000/1 kHz/4 Ohms
  • Inputs: 2x, independent gain
  • Tone control: 4 band active
  • Protection: Short Circuit, Open Output, Dc-Protection Output, Temperature Protection, Mismatch, Clip, Delayed Switch On
  • Divers: Mute-Out, Headphone Output, -6dB Switch, Phase Turn Switch, Symmetrical Line-Out With Pre-Post Switch, 2X Speakon Loudspeaker Output, Dust Proof Potmeters
  • Weight: approx. 4.4 lbs
  • HxWxD: approximately 2.75″ x 9″ x 7.9″

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