Lamb of God Releases 10th Anniversary Edition of “As the Palaces Burn”

Lamb of God: As the Palaces Burn 10th Anniversary EditionIt’s hard to believe that Lamb of God’s As the Palaces Burn is ten years old, but the band is celebrating the anniversary with a remixed reissue of the pivotal album. The original catapulted the Virginia-based metal outfit to the forefront of the metal scene due to its fresh mix of southern groove and technical, hard-hitting riffs.

Bassist John Campbell attributes part of the record’s success to producer Devin Townsend.

“He took us from dudes that were partying and rocking to dudes that were partying and rocking and focusing incredibly on playing exactly right every note that we had written,” the bassist shared. “Every time I’ve been in the studio since, I’ve had that sense of Devin Townsend standing over my shoulder [watching].”

The re-release is more than a milestone marker. Though the band’s energy was captured, they were never happy with the sound quality. The reissue has been completely remixed and remastered from the ground up by producer Josh Wilbur.

“Ever since the original release, we’ve been distraught about the sonic qualities of As the Palaces Burn. The band had captured lightning in a bottle and the budget limitation of a sophomore album turned our lightning into a firefly in a jar,” drummer Chris Adler explained. “The songs are undeniable and we’ve always been very proud of how this album launched our career. It feels appropriate to revisit now that we can and give this very special album the chance to reach our original hopes and it’s true potential.”

The release also includes three previously unreleased demos and a bonus DVD documentary about the making of the album.

As the Palaces Burn 10th Anniversary Edition is out now on CD, vinyl and digital audio (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

As the Palaces Burn 10th Anniversary Edition Track List:

  1. Ruin
  2. As The Palaces Burn
  3. Purified
  4. 11th Hour
  5. For Your Malice
  6. Boot Scraper
  7. A Devil In God’s Country
  8. In Defense Of Our Good Name
  9. Blood Junkie
  10. Vigil
  11. Ruin (previously unreleased demo)
  12. As The Palaces Burn (previously unreleased demo)
  13. Blood Junkie (previously unreleased demo)

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