Rush Releases “Clockwork Angels Tour”


In the summer of 2012, Rush released their 20th studio album, Clockwork Angels. In what has been a busy year and a half for the band, the trio hit the road for tours across North America and the world. Both tours ended up making the top 100 (#33 in North America and #69 Worldwide).

There was a notable addition for these tours. An eight-piece string ensemble joined the trio on stage, making this the first tour to include musicians besides Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart.

Rush: Clockwork Angels TourIn November, 2012, the band announced they would be filming the shows performed in Phoenix and Dallas for a DVD release. Clockwork Angels Tour, a 31-song, release in multiple formats is the result.

Clockwork Angels Tour features the band performing songs from their vast catalog, including 1980’s era songs (“Tom Sawyer”, “The Analog Kid”, “Territories”, “Subdivisions”), “2112” and nine tracks from Clockwork Angels. The release also includes songs Rush has never recorded live (“The Body Electric”, “Middletown Dreams”), along with three separate drum solos by Peart.

The DVD and Blu-Ray editions include a 25-minute tour documentary, with interviews with Lee, Lifeson and Peart, plus behind-the-scenes footage. There are even a few shorts the band created for the tour, and outtakes to add some humor, as the trio is known to do. There’s even a soundcheck performance of “Limelight”.

Considering that Rush is taking a break, this might be the last we hear from them for a bit. Lets just hope it isn’t too long before we hear what they come up with next.

VH1 Classic will air the entire concert film on Sunday, December 1st.

Clockwork Angels Tour is out now in several formats, including DVD, Blu-ray, audio CD and digital formats (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Clockwork Angels Tour Videos:

Clockwork Angels Tour Track List:

Set One:

  1. Subdivisions
  2. The Big Money
  3. Force Ten
  4. Grand Designs
  5. The Body Electric
  6. Territories
  7. The Analog Kid
  8. Bravado
  9. Where’s My Thing?/Here It Is! (drum solo)
  10. Far Cry

Set Two:

  1. Caravan*
  2. Clockwork Angels*
  3. The Anarchist*
  4. Carnies*
  5. The Wreckers*
  6. Headlong Flight*/Drumbastica (drum solo)
  7. Peke’s Repose (guitar solo)/Halo Effect*
  8. Seven Cities of Gold*
  9. Wish Them Well*
  10. The Garden*
  11. Dreamline*
  12. The Percussor (I) Binary Love Theme; (II) Steambanger’s Ball (drum solo)
  13. Red Sector A*
  14. YYZ*
  15. The Spirit of Radio


  1. Tom Sawyer
  2. 2112

Bonus Material:

  1. Limelight (soundcheck recording)
  2. Middletown Dreams
  3. The Pass
  4. Manhattan Project*

* Performed with the Clockwork Angels String Ensemble

Clockwork Angels Tour DVD and Blu-Ray Special Features:

  1. Can’t Stop Thinking Big (tour documentary)
  2. Behind The Scenes (featuring Jay Baruchel)
  3. Outtakes
  4. Interview With Dwush
  5. Family Goy
  6. Family Sawyer
  7. The Watchmaker (intermission tour film)
  8. Office Of The Watchmaker (closing tour film)

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