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Geddy Lee: Rush is Taking a Break From the Road


In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Geddy Lee has revealed that Rush is taking a break from their constant touring schedule.

The trio just finished their year-long Clockwork Angels World Tour, and according to Lee, will be taking 2014 off, without discussing their future.

“Our manager is talking all the time about the future and we’re choosing to ignore him,” the bassist said. “There has been talk of some sort of anniversary tour that might be the next thing we do, but we definitely have not decided if or when that’s going to happen… The plan now is to have no plans. We have had a great 10 years of tour, album, tour, album. I can honestly say that the three of us enjoyed this tour more than any one we’ve ever done. We left on a high note, but we recognize that we need to pay attention to our families and recharge our batteries. So we decided that we’re just not going to discuss anything for a little while.”

Lee went on to say that 2015 is the earliest he expects the band to be doing anything new. In the meantime, a live CD/DVD from their Clockwork Angels tour will be released November 19th.