Vulfpeck Tour Vlog: Joe Dart & the Guys Get Funky

During Vulfpeck’s tour, they had the night off in Tulsa. But a night off doesn’t stop these guys from getting funky.

Joined by Cory Wong on guitar, the band put together one epic jam. As usual, bassist Joe Dart delivers big time.

Jack Stratton told me they were “going for a Bernard Edwards tone”.

Oh yeah.

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  1. ok, i haven’t logged into my Facebook in a while. i had to break that streak with this amazing funk from Vulfpeck. man oh man! what a groove! if only i had my bass in my hands right now, and my guitar. my fingers are tingling!!! BMH (bobbin’ my head)

  2. Yea bro, ya killin it as always!

  3. dang thats some funk

  4. Gage

    What bass is Joe playing here?