How to Play A Funky Bass Line

Thomas Risell, the man best known as MarloweDK sent me this video over the holidays.

It starts off – appropriately – with MarloweDK saying “How to play a funky bass line”.

This is a demo of a theme song Thomas wrote for a TV program about social media. So it is fitting one of the best known bassists on Youtube is the man who is putting together the song’s theme.

Thomas said he’s playing all the parts except for the sampled drums.

Dig it.

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  1. Wish he’d share his tone settings!!

  2. It’s the Avalon u5 direct I’m sure

  3. 90% of his tone is in his hands/fingers…just like Francis “Rocco” Prestia :-)

  4. i love watching ur face while u r playing this, just seeing the smile growing as u get into the funk and the cheesy looks as u nail them licks. i love seeing a musician really enjoying their own groove

  5. MO Greene

    All about the staccato syncopated notes. Very cool.

  6. Dezz

    Nice! I was really enjoying it and wish it went on longer. I hope Bass Player Live might bring Thomas to the USA sometime.