Xotic Unveils Chuck Rainey Signature Bass

Chuck Rainey with Xotic XPJ-1T Signature BassBass legend Chuck Rainey has a new signature model from Xotic called the XPJ-1T, a bass designed with versatility in mind. Rainey collaborated with Xotic on the bass which features a P/J pickup configuration with elements of the company’s XP and XJ models.

The XPJ-1T starts with a ash body and a bolt-on maple neck with 21 frets. Its original Xotic pickups are matched with a Trilogic Bass Preamp 2. Besides a 3-band EQ, the preamp controls include an active/passive switch, a Mid-Boost switch, and a Bright switch. The four-string bass’s range is extended with a Hipshot X-Tender Key on the E-string. Other hardware includes Hipshot Ultralite tuners and a brass Hipshot A Style bridge.

Rainey used the new bass on his latest release, Interpretations of a Groove. The Xotic XPJ-1T will start shipping in early 2014 with a retail price of $4,000. For more, check out the Xotic website.

Xotic XPJ-1T Chuck Rainey Signature Bass Specs:

  • Construction: Bolt On
  • Body: Ash
  • Finish: Yellow Blond
  • Neck: Maple
  • Fretboard: Maple
  • Frets: 21
  • Fret Size: 6150
  • Pickups: Xotic
  • Electronics: Active/Passive Trilogic Bass Preamp 2
  • Hardware: Gold
  • Bridge: Hipshot A Style
  • Tuners: Hipshot Ultralite with X-Tender Key
  • Gig Bag: Custom Xotic

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  1. Fender PJ design: $1000 of wood and paint (and that’s being very generous)
    Show me how these pickups/preamp justify the other $3000.

  2. @Brendon: It’s not as bad as the Geddy Lee reissue that Fender released for $7200 (originally priced at $8000). I don’t care how great of a copy it is it’s still a copy. The irony is that there are two 1972 Fender jazz basses on Ebay for less that $4000 a piece. So I could get TWO authentic 1972 Fender Jazz basses for the price of one copy. Mind boggling.

  3. I really hate overpriced signature stuff

  4. Yeah you can buy almost 2 Mukelroy plain jane basses for that price. The price is ridiculous. Xotic does noteven have a very large finish choice. For the price I could get a ridiculous total custom from Brady Muckelroy or even get a much nicer looking Rybski. This is pretty pricey for an ash bodied bass with a regular finish. The only boutique feature is the wood covered custom pickups.