Steve Jenkins: Sphere

Prepare to have your face melted.

Steve Jenkins just released this video for the track “Sphere” from his latest album, Steve Jenkins and the Coaxial Flutter. Using some gnarly overdrive, the bassist wastes no time in ripping it up with a heavily syncopated slap riff. The song takes a chilled out intermission before coming back with even heavier riffs.

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  1. fell asleep immediately…was kind of boring

  2. only way for bass to cut through a djentish mix…. distorted slap+ more distortion.

  3. Clear AaL influence right there, awesome.

  4. 5’16… This is a long intro.

  5. Wow! What a talent! :)

  6. i understand that there is much skill in playing this but when the music becomes more about the math (how complicated the syncopated rhythm can be or how many notes) and loses the idea of groove feel and how musical it is to the ear

  7. Awesomw slap skills… too much chaotic and non musical for my taste, but it’s a good job.

  8. Its a bit like watching someone practicing to a drumkit… the song doesnt have a flow its just riff upon riff upon most difficult thing i could get my fingers to play etc… not a song… more of… an excersise.

  9. Awesome Djent bass. It’s great to have a bassist in a genre normally associated with 7 or 8 string guitar (Well besides Evan Brewer, but his solo stuff is as much about guitar or other instruments as it is bass and too much keyboards for my taste). Anyway, I don’t know what all the haters are complaining about. The guy has chops. He is pushing the boundaries of the instrument and should be recognized for doing so. If it’s not your cup of tea, there are millions of root – fifth, throw in a fill once in a blue moon bassists out there for you.