Steve Jenkins Debuts New Project with The Coaxial Flutter

Steve Jenkins and The Coaxial FlutterAfter eight years since his debut effort as a leader, Steve Jenkins has returned with Steve Jenkins and the Coaxial Flutter, an album that blends the bassist’s progressive rock and jazz fusion influences with “strong undercurrents of metal and electronic music.”

The eight-song collection features Jenkins on a multitude of instruments and has guest appearances by Vernon Reid, John Shannon, Gene Lake, Adam Deitch and Chris Buono.

“I had zero desire to make the same kind of album that I made when I recorded my first one,” Jenkins stated. “I took a completely different approach to writing and arranging the music and decided not to factor in improvisation, the instrument I play or what I thought people might want to hear from me since it’s been a while since I did my first album. Instead, I decided to take everything that currently excites me about music and factor that into the compositions in the most organic way I possibly could!”

Jenkins throws genre definitions to the wind, often skipping from a laid back modern jazz vibe to electronica to a sludgy metal groove. Fans of progressive music will take to tracks like “Leave This City Before You Can’t,” which is a perfect example of exploring styles while keeping it cohesive.

Steve Jenkins and The Coaxial Flutter is available in digital formats on iTunes and Amazon MP3

Steve Jenkins and The Coaxial Flutter Track List:

  1. Leave This City Before You Can’t
  2. Don’t Bring A Knife To A Gunfight
  3. How About Never
  4. Universe
  5. Parallax
  6. DBAKTAG (Interlude)
  7. Sphere
  8. Postlude

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  1. Don’t fuck around. Get this album.

    • Just had a listen, Yes meets Metallica meets a Nervous break down meets a lullaby. A gorgeous record, u know these dudes?