Tristan: MoonTune

Our friend Helge Rudolph sent this one, saying “fresh stuff from Europe. Maybe you’ll like it?!”

Heck yeah! This band is tight, and bassist Frans Vollink is laying down one nice groove.

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  1. Frans is the capo di tutti capi in Bass-Netherlands. The most frightning, beinig him a lefty, is the fact he can easily groove as awesome on a right handed bass. Respect!

  2. OH.MY.DAYUM! Folks that is the real deal. What a band! That is just what I needed to get inspired before tonight’s gig!

  3. YESSSS!!!! love these guys! frans and sebastiaan make the grooviest team! i love the fact that frans is a lefty player (like me) and can put it down, man! so melodic. so 70s! fantastic!!! check out their other stuff! very melodic fusion at it’s best!!!

  4. man, this really made my day. thanks for the post!