Marleaux Artist Jam

When I was at the Marleaux booth at the NAMM Show yesterday, Ariane Cap told me about a cool video Marleaux artists put together. Each musician got a drum track and was asked to play 8 bars each. The result is pretty incredible.

The line up includes André Müller, Jay-Tee Teterissa, Florian Friedrich, Lisa Wulff, Emanuel Stanley, Samy Saemann, Benni Jud, Silas Talacua & Jaycilee Teterissa, Christian Fabian, Michael Ende, Oliver Poschmann, Ariane Cap, Heiko Jung, Nicole Badila, Frans Vollink, Marius Goldhammer, and David Pastorius.

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  1. Trey Smith

    Wow…I wasn’t expecting much more than an advertisement but this was actually pretty cool. Lots of different styles and sounds, a lot of creativity, AND an ad that shows lots of different intstruments.