Lesson: Getting Funky with Trills on Bass

In our last lesson, we focused on using vibrato to your bass lines for better phrasing. This time around, we’re going to spend time working on trills on the electric bass.

As you’ll hear in the video, playing a line without trills is not bad. But when you add those trills, the line has so much more life to it.

Follow along in this beginner/intermediate lesson:

For the gear heads: I’m playing a 1977 Fender Precision through a TC Electronic RH450 DI output into the camera.

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  1. Thanks for the lessons. I get so much out of your totally free sessions, seriously. And it’s about time I’ve seen someone play a 1977 Fender P bass. I have a blond one that I bought new back in 1976 in Cincinnati. I installed an active Aguilar OBP-3 preamp in it last year and it really sounds incredible (I realize it decreased the value of it but I don’t care… Iit’s not for sell). The polyurethane coating is just now wearing off of it!

    • Dan Hines

      Gregg I’ve thought about installing that preamp as well. My ’76 already had a jazz pickup installed in the bridge position by the time I got ahold of it so I’m not worried about the value…
      Now I think I’m gonna do it.

  2. purpleprawn69

    YES! Finally someone explains the shake! I always see bass players do it, but I never saw anyone actually explain it before. Thank you!