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Etienne Mbappe Returns with “Pater Noster”

Etienne Mbappe: Pater NosterSilk-gloved bassist Etienne Mbappe’s album Pater Noster combines the Duala language of his native Cameroon, a huge groove and blazing bass.

Mbappe, known for his work with legendary guitarist John McLaughlin, as well as his own solo music, is also the vocalist on the collection of joyous, danceable tunes.

The groove on “Wondja” from Pater Noster is worth checking out, even if you don’t understand the lyrics. The song is about freedom and the music alone pretty much conveys that feeling.

Pater Noster is available on CD and digital formats (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Pater Noster Track List:

  1. Wélisané
  2. Esua
  3. Nyuwé
  4. Wondja (Di Témi)
  5. Pater Noster
  6. O Séya Siséya
  7. Lambé Toyi (Senga Doyi)
  8. Yé Bobé
  9. God Bless Cameroon
  10. Es’ Eyayé
  11. Dimbéa Pimbéa
  12. Wé Mba Tiki
  13. O Dini Longué
  14. Gao Mali