Alissia Benveniste: Let it Out

Our Facebook friend Ricardo Franco sent us this killer video of bassist Alissia Benveniste leading a band with her song “Let it Out.” The super catchy tune features her on bass and vocals.

Alissia has got some serious groove!

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  1. Fun, fun fun! Super funky, kind of reminds me of some live Richard Bona stuff. Very nice!

  2. man! alissia is killin’ it!!! what a groove.

  3. This is the coolest thing I have ever heard and seen of my life! The groove is killin’ me!!

  4. I can see now that I should have gone to Berkley college.

  5. Lady’s got the funk indeed!

  6. miles

    prince’s next bass player?

  7. Michael Dye

    What a fantastic sound!