Radial Announces Bassbone OD Pedal

Radial Engineering Bassbone OD PedalRadial Engineering has updated their ToneBone series of pedals with the Bassbone OD, a bass preamp with two input channels and a built-in overdrive. The new pedal builds on the original Bassbone with several new features in addition to the overdrive such as a mute footswitch and the option to keep the effects loop active at all times.

Each channel of the Bassbone OD is equipped with a level control, a semi-parametric equalizer, and a low frequency filter. Channel One differentiates itself with Drag Control load correction, which the company says optimizes the tone and feel when using a vintage passive bass. Channel two has a PZB booster to increase sensitivity and load to 10 meg ohms, which works nicely with piezo transducers used on many upright bass pickups. The channels can be toggled via footswitch, and they can be blended by pressing the Blend switch.

The pedal has an effects loop as well as the built-in overdrive, which has drive, tone, and wet-dry mix controls. For flexibility, the OD footswitch can be assigned to the effects loop, the overdrive, or both. Outputs on the Bassbone OD include a 1/4” instrument level to feed an amp, a low-Z balanced Radial DI box output, and a buffered tuner output. Finally, it has a built-in headphone amp for practice.

The Radial Bassbone OD will be shipping this Spring with an estimated retail price of $500.

Radial Bassbone OD Details:

Channel Controls:Gain, High, Low, Mid, Low Frequency Filter
Effects:Built-in Overdrive, Effects Loop, Overdrive
Switches:Mute, Channel Select, Assignable Effects Loop/Overdrive
Outputs:DI out, 1/4”, Effects Loop In/Out, Tuner

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