McGregor Pedals Introduces the Crunch Plus Overdrive Pedal

McGregor Pedals Crunch Plus Overdrive PedalMcGregor Pedals has unveiled their second pedal, called the Crunch Plus overdrive. The boutique effects company calls it a continuation of their first offering, the Crunch Transparent Overdrive.

The Crunch Plus utilizes the same circuit as its predecessor while adding a third gain stage and second clipping stage. “Beginning with the gain at minimum, the Crunch Plus pedal is similar to the Crunch Transparent Overdrive on 3/4 gain with a bit of an edge,” McGregor writes. “It never loses that edge as you bring up the gain. The Crunch Plus takes it to the next level while still maintaining the transparency you’d expect from a McGregor Pedals overdrive pedal and is suitable for both guitar and bass.”

Its controls include Agin, Tone, and Volume knobs with a trimpot on the side of the pedal to control the LED brightness. Other features include true bypass with a soft-click switch, standard 9-volt DC center-negative power, and top-mounted audio jacks.

The McGregor Pedals Crunch Plus overdrive is hand-soldered in Vancouver, Canada. It is available direct for $210.

McGregor Pedals Crunch Plus Overdrive Pedal Features:

Gain, Tone, Volume Controls
Trimpot for LED Brightness
Hand soldered in Vancouver, Canada
High grade components picked for their superior sound and response
True bypass with soft-click switch
Standard 9-volt DC center-negative power operation (no battery compartment)
Top-mounted audio jacks and power input to help with packed pedal boards

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