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Helms Alee Releases “Sleepwalking Sailors”

Helms Alee: Sleepwalking SailorsHelms Alee is an experimental metal band with a deep understanding of bass.

The experimental metal trio not only includes bassist/vocalist Dana James, but its guitarist Ben Verellen, is a former bassist. He’s also the man behind Verellen Amplifiers’ Meatsmoke, a 300-watt all-tube bass amp. (James also uses the Meatsmoke for Helms Alee.)

Helms Alee’s third album, Sleepwalking Sailors, recorded on analog equipment is getting kudos for its huge, rich sound.

“One minute you’re being pummeled by riffs, the next minute you’re hit with a three part vocal harmony by bassist Dana James, drummer Hozogi Matheson-Margullis and guitarist Ben Verellen,” according to a Seattle Weekly review.

Sleepwalking Sailors is out now on CD, vinyl and digital formats (iTunes, Amazon MP3 and Bandcamp).

Preview Sleepwalking Sailors:

Sleepwalking Sailors Track List:

  1. Pleasure Center
  2. Tumescence
  3. Pinniped
  4. Dangling Modifiers
  5. Heavy Worm Burden
  6. Crystal Gale
  7. New West
  8. Fetus. Carcass
  9. Slow Beef
  10. Animatronic Bionic
  11. Dodge The Lightening

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