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Helms Alee Releases “Stillicide”

Helms Alee: StillicideMetal band Helms Alee has released its fourth studio album, Stillicide.

The trio of Ben Verellen (guitar, vocals), Dana James (bass, vocals), and Hozoji Margullis (drums, vocals) makes “smart, nerdy, weird music,” according to a Noisey/Vice song premiere note, which goes on to say, “but the strangest thing about it isn’t its quirky rhythms or offbeat approach—it’s that you could easily imagine hearing it blasting through an arena. Helms Alee is stadium rock for music nerds, as their new album, Stillicide, shows.”

The band also has some added bass cred: Verellen builds bass amps (Verellen Amps).

See if you agree with Noisey’s assessment after giving “Tit to Toe” from Stillicide a listen:

And then check out “Untoxicated”:

Stillicide is available on CD, vinyl and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Stillicide Track List:

  1. More Weight
  2. Untoxicated
  3. Tit to Toe
  4. Meats and Milks
  5. Stillicide
  6. Galloping Mind Fuk
  7. Creeping You Company
  8. Dream Long
  9. Bullygoat
  10. Andromenous
  11. Worth Your Wild

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