Helms Alee Releases Sixth Studio Album, “Keep This Be The Way”

Helms Alee: Keep This Be The WaySeattle’s Helms Alee has returned with their sixth studio album, Keep This Be The Way, which marks an expansion of their signature sound. The trio recorded the album themselves and took the opportunity to experiment with production possibilities.

“Guitarist/vocalist Ben Verellen, bassist/vocalist Dana James, and drummer/vocalist Hozoji Matheson-Margullis found refuge during the pandemic in their music and bunkered down in a makeshift studio in Verellen’s amplifier shop, recording songs with the assistance of Ron Harrell as they were writing them, composing the material with the added benefit of hearing them come together from the engineer’s chair,” the band’s website explains. “Keep This Be the Way still very much sounds like a Helms Alee record, but it’s their first album that diverts from the faithful recreation of their live sound and delves into a vibrant tapestry of surreal sounds and invented spaces.”

Check out the new sound with their music video for “Tripping Up The Stairs”:

Keep This Be The Way is available now on CD, vinyl and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Keep This Be The Way Track List:

  1. See Sights Smell Smells
  2. Keep This Be the Way
  3. How Party Do You Hard?
  4. Tripping Up the Stairs
  5. Big Louise
  6. Do Not Expose to the Burning Sun
  7. The Middle Half
  8. Mouth Thinker
  9. Three Cheeks to The Wind
  10. Guts for Brains

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