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HELLYEAH Announce Lineup Change


HELLYEAH has split ways with guitarist Greg Tribbett and bassist Bob “Bobzilla” Kakaha, according to a new post on Blabbermouth. The supergroup didn’t give a specific reason for the split, but posted about it on their Facebook page.

“Things happen for necessary reasons,” they wrote. “It’s so easy for people to assume or makeup reasons for things. Don’t ASSUME anything! The reasons for this parting of ways was for the better good. When you hear the new record you’ll understand.”

Kyle SandersTribbett was also guitarist for Mudvayne while Kakaha formerly played bass in the post-Pantera outfit Damageplan.

The remaining members – drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott, guitarist Tom Maxwell and vocalist Chad Gray – have announced that Kyle Sanders will be filling the bass chair. Sanders, who is brother to Mastodon bassist Troy Sanders, is known for his bass work in Bloodsimple and MonstrO.

HELLYEAH’s fourth studio album, Blood for Blood, is due on June 10th.

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