Igor Saavedra and Junior Ribeiro Braguinha: Footprints

Marie Takahashi shared this awesome video of South American bass heavyweights Igor Saavedra and Junior Ribeiro Braguinha getting down on Wayne Shorter’s “Footprints.”

The video was filmed during a workshop at the Escola de Música e Tecnologia in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Saavedra kicks off the solos on his custom 8-string extended range bass and knocks the crowd out at the end of his solo. Braguinha then steps in to add his own blazing runs to the mix.

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  1. usually when i see someone with a 7- or 8- or 50-string something or another, i think, “oh man. here come the flashy licks with no groove.” but this cat is on it! actually both of them. very soulful.