Bass of the Week: Musicvox Spaceranger

Musicvox Spaceranger Bass Body (3-Tone Sunburst)The Musicvox Spaceranger Bass looks like it comes out of a ’60s atomic age sci-fi flick. The wacky design is set apart by its elongated lower horn and unique headstock that oozes personality. In this vein, the Spaceranger is built for a vintage bass tone to match its retro vibes.

The Spaceranger is built with a mahogany body, maple neck, and rosewood fingerboard that’s fitted with block pearloid inlays. It comes standard with a pair of Musicvox’s own bass humbuckers that are selected via 3-position pickup switch. Hardware includes a cast Bass Tune-O-Matic Bridge and Kluson style vintage tuners. To round out the bass’s style, it comes in six finishes: 3-tone Sunburst, Silver Sparkle, Cherry Burst, Gold Sparkle, Black, 3-Tone Burst and Yellow.

Musicvox Spaceranger Bass Photos:

Musicvox Spaceranger Bass Details:

Inlays:Pearloid Block
Pickups:Musicvox Bass Humbuckers
Controls:Volume, Tone, 3-way Pickup Selector
Bridge:Bass Tune-O-Matic Bridge
Tuners:Kluson Style Vintage

For more, check out Musicvox’s website.

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  1. ugliest bass i’ve evr seen

  2. ugly but cool, like a 1950’s coffee table. Still prettier than a Bongo though.

  3. Comic bass! Yuck!

  4. it is pretty ugly….literally ugly

  5. So ugly it’s freekin’ cool again! :-)