Mike Stern Band: “Chromazone” Live with Tom Kennedy

Here’s a stellar performance of the Mike Stern Band in 2008 performing “Chromazone”, a song from Stern’s 1988 album, Time in Place.

Tom Kennedy is laying down some serious bass, along with Dave Weckl on drums and Bob Franceschini on sax. This performance is from the New Morning DVD release.

This one brings back some great memories… I saw this lineup of the band at Blues Alley in Washington DC. Now I need to go and watch the entire DVD again.

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  1. tom kennedy puttin’ it down!!! super groove! and i have to say – nobody has a sound like stern. very distinct. great tune!

  2. There is a lot of high energy dialogue going on with a melody like that and it becomes mostly rhythm oriented but Mr. Franceshini is putting on a show on that sax and is howling and getting sounds that that instrument was never intended to make. And it is just plain great to hear and Weckl is right on it hitting everything in sight, These guys know what they are about and are mature experienced jazz musicians. And they play like it!!