311 Return with 11th Album, “Stereolithic”

311: StereolithicThe rock-reggae sound of 311 has returned, with the release of the band’s eleventh album, Stereolithic.

Back in August, bassist/songwriter P-Nut shared in a Reddit AMA about the album and assured fans “that as one of the lyric writers in the band, I can attest to the lyrical complexity of this new batch of songs. Between scotch and I in the room with the masters, [Nick Hexum] and [SA Martinez], we got hot fire coming your way.”

“Scotch” is producer Scotch Ralston, who last produced the band in the late 1990s. P-Nut also notes, talking about the album elsewhere, that “We collaborated more on this album than on any other.”

Here’s P-Nut and Ralston working on the record:

And you can check out the single “Five of Everything”:

Stereolithic is available on CD, vinyl, and digital formats (iTunes and Amazon MP3.)

Stereolithic Track List:

  1. Ebb and Flow
  2. Five of Everything
  3. Showdown
  4. Revelation of the Year
  5. Sand Dollars
  6. Boom Shanka
  7. Make It Rough
  8. The Great Divide
  9. Friday Afternoon
  10. Simple True
  11. First Dimension
  12. Made in the Shade
  13. Existential Hero
  14. The Call
  15. Tranquility

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