Baer Amplification’s New Valkyrie Bass Amp Now Available

Baer Amplification is now shipping the Valkyrie, an 850-watt bass amplifier featuring the company’s Trans-Hybrid Preamp. The Valkyrie’s solid state preamp sounds rich without adding much coloration while the amp’s tube hybrid preamp adds more personality with more harmonic overtones and growl. The two sections are switched as easily as the push of a button.

Baer Amplification Valkyrie Bass Amp

The Valkyrie puts out 850 watts at 2 ohms, 635 watts at 4 ohms, or 350 watts at 8 ohms for flexibility for a variety of gig situations. It has separate active and passive 1/4″ inputs with a -10dB pad. Its 6-band EQ section includes variable frequencies for low and high mids as well as Deep and Bright controls for the extreme ends of the spectrum. The DI has its own level control as well as a pre/post EQ switch and a pre/post tube switch. Other features include a tuner output, an effects loop, a 1/4″ line out, and a mute switch.

The Baer Amplification Valkyrie fits into a 2U rack unit chassis that weighs in at 26 pounds. It has options to come with a vinyl head case, a padded head case, or a mute footswitch. It’s shipping now with a direct price of $1,999.

Baer Amplification Valkyrie Bass Amp Specs:

Amplifier Topology:Class A/B
Power Output:850w 2ohms, 635w 4ohms, 350w @ 8ohms
Inputs:Passive 1/4″ input jack, Active 1/4″ input jack w/ -10dB pad
Preamp:Solid state, discrete transistor
Tube Section:1 -12AX7, 1 -12AU7 tube amplifier circuit
EQ Section:Deep, Bass, Low Mid (100Hz to 800Hz), High Mid (800Hz to 3.5kHz), Treble, Bright
Outputs:Two Neutrik Speakon connectors. Minimum load 2ohms
DI:XLR w/level control, pre/post EQ & pre/post tube switches
Tuner out jack:1/4″
Serial effects send and return jacks:1/4″
Line Out jack:1/4″
Cooling:Thermostatically controlled fan speed circuit
Mute:Operation via front panel switch, or optional footswitch
Dimensions:Standard 2U rack unit, 19″w x 3.5″h x 14″d
Weight:26 pounds
Warranty:3 year limited

For more information:
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  1. so .. its a 350 watt amp.

  2. “so .. its a 350 watt amp”…. for $2000.00

  3. Is that a solid state power amp and a hybrid preamp, or a hybrid power amp and a solid preamp?

  4. Yes it is a 350 watt amp but, it’s much more than that. I know I heard Bill Dickens play through it. :)

  5. My old Swr basic 350 still sounds incredible….& this amp I would imagine will sound close to it…

  6. The wattage depends on what you plug into it, just like Literally Every Other Solid State Bass Amp. The DB751 is only 400w at 8 ohms and I’ve never heard anyone complain about THAT thing. There’s no bullshit here, and the ratings are very conservative. To compare this thing to an SWR Bass 350 is laughable. The Valkyrie is a monster of an amp, in the power ballpark as a DB751, Thunderfunk 800, Big Block 750, etc.