MTD Releases Norm Stockton Artist Edition Bass

After two years of tweaking, MTD has released the Norm Stockton Artist Edition Bass. The bass is based on the company’s Saratoga model while combining features of Stockton’s previous MTD basses, including a more rounded arm contour and a strap button position that’s moved up like a 535.

MTD Norm Stockton Artist Edition Bass

Key to the instrument’s design is its electronics, which are set up for maximum versatility. It’s fitted with a pair of splittable Bartolini double J pickups with mini-switches for each to cut the coils. The preamp is a Bartolini hrT32 with a special push/pull function for the mid frequency to toggle between 400 Hz and 800 Hz.

Stockton’s signature bass has a 35″ scale and is built with an alder body, a “10” quilted maple top, a maple neck, and a bird’s eye maple fretboard. The neck is reinforced with titanium. Another interesting point is the wenge slap ramp, which Stockton uses to reduce the space between the bass top and the strings to prevent his fingers from getting caught while slapping.

Other features include a clear to blue burst finish, glowing side position dot markers, Stockton’s signature on the headstock, and a custom Norm Stockton edition fretwrap from Gruv Gear.

The MTD Norm Stockton Artist Edition bass is handmade in Kingston, New York. It’s available now in four and five string versions with retail prices starting at $7,600.

MTD Norm Stockton Artist Edition Bass Demo:

MTD Norm Stockton Artist Edition Bass Specs:

Strings:4 or 5
Top:“10” Quilted Maple
Neck:Maple, Titanium Reinforced
Fingerboard:Bird’s Eye Maple
Slap Ramp:Wenge (Removable)
Finish:Clear to Blue Burst
Pickups:Bartolini Splittable Double J
Electronics:Bartolini hrT32 Preamp with Coil Cut Switches, Push/Pull Mid Frequency (400/800Hz)
Other:Signature on Headstock, Gruv Gear Norm Stockton Edition Fretwrap included. Handmade in Kingston, New York

For more information:
Michael Tobias Design

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  1. hard to find a bass that does it all. could MTD have cracked it?

  2. $7600 for a 4 string?

  3. At $7600, I’ll buy a used car, at least one of any number of other decent four strings, and probably still have money for rent…

  4. tony

    Slap Ramp: Wenge (Removable)
    Could I get one for my mtd as an accessory ???