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Norm Stockton Archives

Accessories & Strings

Sinasoid Unveils Norm Stockton Signature Cable

Sinasoid has released a new signature cable with bassist Norm Stockton. The 12-foot boutique instrument cable’s profits will be used to help Stockton finish his latest project, Sushi & Grooves.


Solo Bass Night Series Launching This November

Ariane Cap and Josh Cohen have teamed up to create Solo Bass Night, a performance series that features and promotes solo bass music. The concerts have their roots from an event nearly 15 years ago.


Grooves & Sushi: An Interview with Norm Stockton

Norm Stockton is giving music lovers an inside look at musician hangouts and the creation process with a new project called “Grooves & Sushi.” We caught up with Norm to find out more about this project.


MTD Releases Norm Stockton Artist Edition Bass

After two years of tweaking, MTD has released the Norm Stockton Artist Edition Bass. The bass is based on the company’s Saratoga model while combining features of Stockton’s previous MTD basses, including a more rounded arm contour and a strap button position that’s moved up like a 535. Key to the instrument’s design is its electronics, which are set up...

Sheet Music & Instruction

Norm Stockton Releases The Worship Bass Book: Bass, Espresso, and the Art of Groove

Norm Stockton has released , a 234-page instructional book aimed at helping bassists working in a worship setting. Stockton, who spent six years playing bass for Lincoln Brewster, takes a different approach to the book than you might think. “As opposed to a comprehensive methodology for all things bass, this will be more of a collection of the nuggets –...

Bass Videos

Norm Stockton: “O Come All Ye Faithful” Solo Bass Arrangement

Norm Stockton has a knack for making unbelievably great solo bass arrangements of songs. This year he’s put his talent into the classic Christmas carol “O Come All Ye Faithful.” “I hope you enjoy the music as much as I enjoyed performing it for you,” Stockton shares. “May the joy and hope of the season flood into your life today...

Bass Videos

Norm Stockton: “Star Spangled Banner” Solo Bass Performance

In honor of Independence Day, we celebrate the only way we know how, musically speaking. Norm Stockton’s solo bass performance of “The Star Spangled Banner” is just perfect for the occasion. Happy Fourth!