Gallien-Krueger Introduces CX Series Bass Cabinets

Gallien-Krueger has announced the company’s new CX Series of bass enclosures. Designed to compliment their MB Series of heads, the cabinets are loaded with proprietary ceramic drivers designed and built in the United States.

Gallien-Krueger CX Series Bass Cabinets

Each of the units also has a horn with a defeat switch and both Speakon and quarter-inch inputs. The lineup starts with the CX115, a 300-watt cab loaded with a single 15″ driver. The next step up is a 210 model rated at 400 watts and weighing in at 37 pounds. Finally, the CX410 is rated at 800 watts in either four or eight ohm versions. It weighs in at 67 pounds and sets itself apart from the other models with recessed, spring-loaded handles.

The Gallien-Krueger CX Series is shipping soon with street prices ranging from $349 to $499.

Gallien-Krueger CX115 Bass Cabinet Specs:

Power:300W @ 8 Ohms
Weight:35 lbs
Drivers:1x15″, Horn with Defeat Switch
Inputs:Speakon and 1/4″

Gallien-Krueger CX210 Bass Cabinet Specs:

Power:400W @ 8 Ohms
Weight:37 lbs
Drivers:2x10″, Horn with Defeat Switch
Inputs:Speakon and 1/4″

Gallien-Krueger CX410 Bass Cabinet Specs:

Power:800W @ 8 or 4 Ohms
Weight:67 lbs
Drivers:4x10″, Horn with Defeat Switch
Inputs:Speakon and 1/4″

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  1. No 12s? I’m very happy with their 112 Neo II. I have two of them, stacked vertically, with a Genz Benz Shuttle 6.2 on top. :)