Jason Everett: Indian Vocal Melody on 7-String Fretless Bass

Inspiration can come from anywhere, and combining your inspiration with your passion creates something special. Jason Everett sent in this video of himself playing along with the song “Jog” on his 7-string fretless bass.

“I have loved Indian music for nearly 30 years and this vocal solo by Ujwal Nagar is a great example of why,” he states. “It is very intricate yet passionate…fast yet relaxed…improvised but thoughtful. As Jaco demonstrated, the fretless bass has the ability to mimic the human voice and even animal sounds. Trying to make my bass sound like an Indian vocalist was extremely challenging, and I have much work yet to do.”

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  1. Wow! Not my usual thing at all, but it was very interesting and the intonation was bang-on! I’d like to hear more.

  2. I really like the tune. I’d love to hear it without the bass. It’s quite difficult to track down with the information provided as jog is a raga and there are literally 1000 versions on it Any chance of telling us which version it is? I love mahavishnu orchestra so this is really up my street. Ujwal Nagar isn’t enough to go on

  3. very nice playing…reminds me of an old Wyndham Hill band Shadowfax