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The Both Releases Self-Titled Debut

The Both: Self-Titled DebutThe Both, a new band formed by Aimee Mann and Ted Leo (of Ted Leo & The Pharmacists) has released its self-titled debut album.

Mann and Leo decided to create a new band after touring together last year, and the pair wrote the album long-distance, and according to Leo “it’s been line by line, verse by verse, part by part; we’ll send each other something and go back and forth until it’s finished.”

With Leo on guitar and Mann frequently handling bass duties, the record is a bit of a departure for both. Mann admits that she feels like she’s in a rock band for the first time as part of The Both, and she noted how Leo’s energy is very different from hers.

And Leo notes that Mann’s initial editing of his work was somewhat intimidating, but her process is one from which he’s learned quite a bit.

The pair both handle vocals on the record being released on Mann’s SuperEgo Records.

Check out this quick joint interview on the new record, and you can hear a good portion of The Both’s song, “Milwaukee” (inspired by a statue of The Fonz) in the background.

And then, here’s “Milwaukee” in full:

The Both is available on CD, vinyl, and as digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3.)

Also check out the NPR Tiny Desk Concert video we featured last week.

The Both Track List:

  1. The Gambler
  2. Milwaukee
  3. No Sir
  4. Volunteers of America
  5. Pay for It
  6. You Can’t Help Me Now
  7. The Prisoner
  8. Hummingbird
  9. Honesty Is No Excuse
  10. Bedtime Stories
  11. The Inevitable Shove

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