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Emmure Releases “Eternal Enemies”

Emmure: Eternal EnemiesDeathcore band Emmure has released its seventh album, Eternal Enemies.

The record from the New York-based group, featuring bassist Mark Davis, is being billed as the “most aggressive, brutal and devastating of their career.”

You can hear if that’s true on the album track, “Like LaMotta”:

Eternal Enemies is available on CD and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Eternal Enemies Track List:

  1. (Untitled)
  2. Nemesis
  3. N.I.A. (News in Arizona)
  4. The Hang Up
  5. A Gift a Curse
  6. E
  7. Like LaMotta
  8. Free Publicity
  9. Most Hated
  10. Grave Markings
  11. Hitomi’s Shinobi
  12. Rat King
  13. Girls Don’t Like Boys, Girls Like 40’s and Blunts
  14. New Age Rambler
  15. We Were Just Kids