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Dead Kennedys 7-Inch Singles Re-Released

Dead Kennedys Original Singles CollectionIf you didn’t hold on to your Dead Kennedys singles and you want to relive the days when you laid down a 7-inch record on your turntable and dreamed of a punk rock revolution, The Original Singles Collection was made for you.

The vinyl set features seven singles released by the band (with Klaus Flouride on bass and Jello Biafra on vocals) between 1979 and 1982. They’ve been out of print for 20 years, and this new set includes a booklet of liner notes and interviews with the band. Now remastered from original tapes, the discs are also packaged in heavier versions of their original sleeves.

Jump into the wayback machine and watch Klaus, Jello and the rest of the band perform one of the singles featured in the set — “Bleed for Me” — in 1984:

The Original Singles Collection is available on vinyl only.

The featured singles are:

  • California Uber Alles 7″
  • Holiday In Cambodia 7″
  • Kill The Poor 7″
  • Too Drunk To Fuck 7″
  • Nazi Punks Fuck Off 7″
  • Bleed For Me 7″
  • Halloween 7″

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