Robert Trujillo Talks Jaco Projects


Metallica’s Robert Trujillo never met Jaco Pastorius, but like many bassists, Trujillo is a lifelong fan.

Trujillo’s ties to Jaco have been growing over the last four years, starting with obtaining Jaco’s famed Bass of Doom back in 2010. Stolen in 1986 and resurfaced in 2006, the bass was the subject of a long and frustrating legal battle before Trujillo stepped in and bought it.

Thanks to Trujillo, that bass later made it into the hands of Jaco’s son Felix Pastorius who played it on the Yellowjackets album, A Rise In The Road. Trujillo heard Felix was looking for a fretless sound on a couple of Russell Ferrante’s compositions, and offered the bass to Felix for the session.

Jaco Pastorius: Modern American Music... Period! The Criteria SessionsMore recently, Trujillo teamed up with Jaco Pastorius, Inc. and Omnivore Recordings to release Jaco’s historic 1974 demo sessions for Record Store Day on April 19th. Modern American Music… Period! The Criteria Sessions, features 11 tracks recorded at Criteria Studios in Miami, Florida as demos for his landmark debut album in 1976.

As if that wasn’t enough, Trujillo has been bankrolling a documentary film on Jaco since 2012. NPR recently interviewed Trujillo to find out more about his growing list of Jaco-related projects, the Criteria demos and the film. Check it out:

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  1. What a great guy. He could’ve just cashed in his Metallica checks and sponsor his own thing, instead he does whatever it takes to keep the legacy of Jaco Pastorius for posterity.

  2. Trujillo WAS the hero in this story. The Bass Of Doom didn’t end up on some Wall Street douchebag’s wall in the Hamptons. He stepped in before it got auctioned off to someone else. Felix and the family have access to the bass and they know it’s in good hands. Seems like all parties involved are happy.

  3. So right Steve!!!!! Such a great story with a so Happy end ……….Show must go on………….!!!!

  4. Perfect! I love metallica and jazz…

  5. Can’t wait to check out that documentary!

  6. Thanks for an excellent conversation. Good lack Robert with such noble project.

  7. why didnt anyone help jaco? he worked w so many famous people…wtf? you physically have to take him to hospital.. makes me sick to think of his demise and how it went down