Gibson Introduces Memory Cable With Built-In Recorder

Gibson has unveiled a new development in the world of instrument cables with the introduction of their new Memory Cable. The cable, which works on bass, guitar or keyboards, has a built-in recorder that can save up to 13 hours of playing to a microSD card. The TASCAM-designed component captures audio at 44.1kHz/16-bit resolution and can easily be transferred to computers for use in digital audio programs.

Gibson Memory Cable

The Memory Cable doesn’t have to be plugged into an amp to use the recorder, just into an instrument. It can also be plugged into the output of a PA to record rehearsals or performances. Gibson notes that the cable comes in handy for evaluating your practice, acting as a failsafe when recording to a computer, or easy re-amping.

The Gibson Memory Cable will be available in the U.S. on May 15 for $99.

Gibson Memory Cable Details:

Stores over 13 hours of audio with 4GB MicroSD card (included)
Continuous or auto recording (records only when you’re playing)
Handles guitar, bass, drum machine, synthesizer, etc. and line-level signals
Uncompressed recording—CD-quality 44.1kHz/16 bit fidelity
Mac/Windows/iOS/Android compatible WAV file format
Ultra-simple user interface, with included reference card
Insulated ends minimize the chance of shocks
Transfer files directly from microSD card to computer using a card reader, or even insert the MicroSD in a compatible smart phone and access the phone via USB
Recording technology from TASCAM, the undisputed leader in hand-held portable recorders
Uses AA main battery (standard or rechargeable, approximate 8 hour battery life) and LR44 battery for Real Time Clock functions (approximate 1 year battery life)
Premium quality, low-capacitance cable

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  1. Sounds interesting!!

  2. Interesting idea, but what happens to the recorder WHEN the cable shorts out, as they all do? You have a $99 piece of junk. They should consider making the recorder detachable.

  3. This is really awesome!!!

  4. Such a great idea !

  5. Don’t want to give away all your “licks”? Don’t let anyone offer to loan you a cable if it looks like a snake that just swallowed a mouse!

  6. Why?? for practice..looper….for recording…anything in the market, there are better ways