Kala Brand Music Introduces USA Acoustic-Electric Exotic Wood U-Basses

Kala USA Acoustic-Electric Koa U-Bass bodyUkelele company Kala Brand Music made heads turn five years ago with the introduction of the U-Bass, a ukelele sized bass with proprietary polyurethane strings. The company is now celebrating the five year milestone by introducing the USA Acoustic-Electric Exotic wood U-Bass series.

Built in Petaluma, California, the new models feature figured bodies of either Hawaiian Koa, Flame Maple, or Peruvian Walnut. Their mahogany necks are shaped with a vintage P-style neck contour, then topped with a rosewood fingerboard. Similar to previous U-Bass incarnations, the USA Exotic series has a 21-inch scale and 16 frets.

Each bass is fitted with custom LR Baggs U-Bass electronics designed specifically for the U-Bass. Other features include custom Hipshot tuners, a custom Kala inlay, and a rosewood bridge.

The Kala USA Acoustic-Electric Exotic Wood U-Basses ship in deluxe tweed hardshell cases. They’re available for order now with prices ranging from $2299 to $2799.

Kala USA Acoustic-Electric Exotic Wood U-Bass Photos:

Kala USA Acoustic-Electric Exotic Wood U-Bass Details:

Strings:Proprietary Polyurethane
Body:Flame Maple, Hawaiian Koa, or Peruvian Walnut
Neck Contour:Vintage P-Style
Frets:16 (Fretless optional)
Pickup/Electronics:LR Baggs Custom
Case:Deluxe Tweed Hard Case

For more information:

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  1. Ok, I get it, they sound ok, they’re cute, they’re gigable, but a toy bass it’s not worth $2799 no matter how exotic the wood is! Where is this taking us?

  2. Someone has to pay for all the R&D in the tuners & strings. But it won’t be me til you come down to $200 +-.

  3. No need for the troll dung folks. Do any of you have any idea how much it costs to pay an American to build something? That’s why most capitolists send their production facilities to Asia. If it’s too much. Buy the Kala Rumbler. $349. Made in China.