Freekbass: Victoria Thunder

Tie dye? Check.

Disco skating? Check.

Funky bass? Check, check, check.

Freekbass likes to keep things funky and, well, freeky.

Here’s the first video for the track “Victoria Thunder” from his latest album, Everybody’s Feelin’ Real.

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  1. Damn, those are some terrible lyrics

  2. Disco and Funk ? sorry I just ear a pop-ish new-wave tune born in the 80’s, nothing new. Next.

  3. THIS is funky and disco, even mixed with electronica:

  4. Wow Joachim sure put a bunch of effort into something he doesn’t like. Are those links to your extra funky special disco songs?

  5. It never ceases to surprise me how some of the most technically incredible players can’t write a song worth a damn :P

  6. Can I get my 3minutes and 35 seconds back?
    Not even chips patrol would use this shit .

  7. well fat Badger is questionable aswell.Jamiroquai is much better than Freekbass or fat badger in my opinion cheers