Victor Wooten & Federico Malaman: Isn’t She Lovely

During the 2014 Musikmesse show in Frankfurt, two remarkable bassists – who have wowed us all with their solo performances – got together to perform one iconic song.

Those bassists are Victor Wooten and Federico Malaman. The tune is Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely”.

You may remember Victor performing this arrangement solo in one of the most popular videos we shared in 2012.

The duo here play something equally impressive, including trading some great solos.

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  1. I’ve seen this before and as much as I love Vic’s playing and attitude towards music, Federico plays much more melodically and with more energy.

  2. the guy staring in the back ground at 1:54 scares me

  3. Fede is the man.. sweetest dude you’ll ever meet, too. (Of course, Vic, too.. that’s a given! ;)

  4. I’m logic Fede’s tone so much……

  5. Much respect to Victor, but he got his head cut

  6. yo, victa! man, he and frederico are fantastic. this is great!

  7. One came with the intention of having fun and playing music and the other came to impress and play I lot of notes.

    • Patrick Lefrancois

      100% agree!

    • jason sanchez

      I don’t blame him, He’s jamming with a legend. I’m sure he was nervous so overplaying was natural. Victor looks so sure in his groove it’s ridiculous. Regardless these two are phenomenal on the bass

  8. Malaman is trying too hard while Wooten sounds like someone who’s more confident in his stature as a musician. Often less is more.

    • Art Araya

      Frederico is playing much more than Vic – you are right about that. Don’t know if he’s trying to “win a shootout” or if this is just his style.

    • BLANCO


  9. Awesome! I have been waiting to hear these two play together for a long time, I am not disappointed!

  10. Addison Jeffries

    Love the way Vic held it down! And that harmony was tight!

  11. Its interesting to see victor follow Federico when its apparent none of this was reversed yet works so well.

  12. Gilson

    Victa let the Fed play and he shown 10% of what he often plays. Nice nice!!!!

  13. Art Araya

    First time I’ve seen a jam with two bassists where the other player hangs with Vic step for step. Very impressive playing by Frederico. Great ears and responsiveness to Vic’s playing.

  14. harold

    Vic just equalized the balance. Otherwise it would have been too much pyrotechnics.

  15. Topsymusic

    Why are a LOT of people comparing the two Playing? They do play together in a smooth way – respecting eachother like musicans should. Music aint competition!!!

  16. David

    all hail the pot-bellied bass players of america…. Unite ! ! !

  17. thicker strings

    man that’s good.

  18. Thomas Williams

    All I can say is just heavenly