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Adam Ben Ezra Trio: “Can’t Stop Running”

Adam Ben Ezra is one of our favorite bassists around here, and I think he now holds a unique status on No Treble. This is the third time we’ve shared his tune “Can’t Stop Running”.

But that’s because the bassist keeps putting together great variations on it (if you’re interested in the first two, check out the original and his collaboration with Gianni Bardaro).

The bigger news here is that the guy we’ve known to be a solo bassist all these years now has a new trio with guitarist Adam Ben Amitaiand and percussionist Gilad Dobrecky .

Adam said “making music with them is very inspiring and I’m so happy to share it with you.”

We love it, and we hope for a lot more from this trio in the future.

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Adam Taylor

Adam Taylor

Very cool! I love how he uses the bass as a percussion instrument as well. The guitar has a very Steve Howe feel to it…and i love Steve Howe. All, around great.