The Beatles: “Don’t Let Me Down” Rooftop Performance

Today we’re celebrating Paul McCartney’s birthday with this Beatles video. The bass line to “Don’t Let Me Down” has always been a favorite of mine for it’s big round tone and melodicism, and this video from their final live performance on the rooftop of the Apple building is palpable, to say the least.

Happy birthday, Sir Paul!

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  1. Enric Soler

    I hear a keyboard?

  2. Mark West

    Always great joy to see these guys perform.

  3. JL

    Would love to hear the actual live version, this is an overdub (you can tell when Pauls fingers arnt moving at 0:39)

    • Gustavo Sarmento

      This is the actual live version (albeit slightly sped up). But it’s a mix from the two times they played the song at the rooftop. On the first try, John flubbed the lyrics near the end of the song. On the second, right at the beginning.

  4. Patrick Sans-Arcidet

    One of the best rock song of the Beatles, beautifully sung by Jhon and what a bass line, live!!!