JamHub Shipping “Tracker MT16” Multitrack Recorder

JamHub Tracker MT16 Multitrack RecorderJamHub has released the Tracker MT16, a portable multi-track recorder capable of capturing up to 16 channels of audio simultaneously. The tracks, which are recorded in 24-bit, 96kHz resolution, can be transferred to a computer via SD card or USB as well as be uploaded wirelessly to the cloud.

The Tracker MT16 connects to the remote port of JamHub’s Studio series or with any industry standard mixing desks to record live performances. It connects to mixing boards with the JamHub Breakout cable (sold separately) that has a JamHub jack on one end and sixteen 1/4″ jacks on the other. Everything on the recorder is saved to a standard SD card while the USB output allows for recording directly to an external hard drive.

The JamHub Tracker MT16 is available with a street price of $399.

JamHub Tracker MT16 Details:

Ability to record up to 16 channels simultaneously
Wi-Fi enabled
16 GB SD card + USB & Ethernet port
24/96 audio in .WAV or .MP3
Connect Cable/Breakout Cable port
8 built-in mono inputs
Headphone/Aux out

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