Davie504: 100 Bass Line Medley

This video has been making the rounds, and for good reason. Bassist Davie504 made this incredible medley of 100 of the most popular bass lines of all time.

“I chose and played 100 Great and Famous Bass Lines which, in my opinion, every bass player should know!” the bassist writes. “These bass lines helped me during those years to improve my playing and also to have fun.”

How many of the 100 do you know?

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  1. Nice knowledge, but always the same sound, and mist of the time the same attack, watch your dynamics and right hand man, you’ll had life to your basslines ;)

  2. rafa

    Excellent job!!!!

  3. Matias

    Very well! missed “Last train to london” though.

  4. Like!!! good tone. fender jazz will give you that.

  5. Awesome! But the jazz sound didn’t fit all of them :P

  6. Excellent playing! (but about a dozen too many Jamiroquai.) :)
    How about some Jamerson and Ox in the next one, if you’re taking requests!

  7. “Higher Ground – RHCP” … are you kidding me , man? … Stevie … Stevie Wonder.

    • Francois Defrance

      Flea’s bass line is quite distinctive from Stevie Wonder’s But this one is even worse: “Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby”??? WTF? Ever listend to Queen?

  8. props for this but, Dude … the Roundabout bassline? … “not even close”

  9. Gregg

    that was cool. thanks for taking the time to do!

  10. Kevin

    Glad to see a good amount of Rage in this list! Tim Commerford was a big reason I picked up a bass in the first place, I also remember the first time I heard Power by Marcus Miller- incredible! Great video and great sound.

  11. Don Sweat

    I’m dating myself…not enough Beatles,
    Lady Madonna, Taxman, Something…
    White Room…Spirit, Fresh Garbage…
    no James Jsmerson, Joe Osborn, Duck Dunn! But, I hand it to him… that had to take some time to put together, kudos to the drummer as well!

  12. This was way cool… my only issue with it was crediting the one line to Vanilla Ice instead of Queen.