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Bass Transcription: Marcus Miller’s “Cee-Tee-Eye”

Marcus Miller: Renaissance“Cee-Tee-Eye” is from Marcus Miller’s 2012 album Renaissance, recorded to feature the new band Marcus assembled for the Tutu Revisited tour, which was a celebration of the Miles Davis album from the mid-80’s Miller contributed heavily to.

The title for “Cee-Tee-Eye” is a nod to the various albums released on the CTI Records label, which were influential not only to Marcus, but to jazz/funk musicians everywhere.

This track is a real treat for bass players. In addition to a cracking bass solo, it has all the typical Miller trademarks: palm-muted grooves, nimble fingerstyle lines and tight, punchy slap grooves underpinning the other musician’s solos.

All of the above makes it a challenging study piece for any bass player, and the perfect piece with with to relaunch our transcription column.

Download the transcription (PDF) and grab the track from iTunes or Amazon MP3 to play along.

Be sure to let me know which pieces you’d like to see featured in this column, and we’ll do our best to accommodate them! Share what you’d like to see in the comments.