D&A Announces Starfish and Starfish+ Instrument Stands

DNA Starfish Instrument StandD&A Guitar Gear has introduced the Starfish, a new floorstand that sets itself apart with five legs that the company says doubles its stability. The added legs allow for the stand to stand tall even at 30 degrees of tilt.

The stand comes in two variations: the Starfish and the Starfish+. Both versions feature a quick folding design with the D&A’s Grip friction lock system that spaces teeth to maximize the grip on your bass. The Starfish+ steps things up with a locking head that has see-through gates made of bullet proof material that close around your basses headstock.

All points of contact on the Starfish and Starfish+ are covered with TPE plastic and archival grade fabric. The stands are available now with street prices of $55.99 and $71.96, respectively.

DNA Starfish Instrument Stand Photos:

DNA Starfish Instrument Stand Details:

5-legged Design
T.P.E. Plastic and Archival Grade Fabric Protection
Grip Neck Lock
Locking Head (Starfish+ Only)

For more information:
D&A Guitar Gear

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